Listening tonight to Peter, Bjorn and John’s Writer’s Block album. I love their 80s styled indie pop, especially “Young Folks” and “Let’s Call It Off.” Been working a lot lately getting ready for the Tuesday release of my album Shine, but also working on some amazing new songs with my brother Randy. We’ve been rehearsing over at Bedock in Echo Park here in LA for the last four Sundays and we’ve come up 13 new songs! It’s me on my vintage 80s Juno 106 synth, Randy on Bass and our new Arturia Spark drum machine. Looks like my next recording will be less A/C and more rhythmic indie pop. I’ll keep you all posted!

Went to lunch in Chinatown at Pho 87 with some friends today. I’ve been going to Pho 87 for more than 10 years practically every week and I always get the grilled pork and vermicelli bowl. It’s LA’s best kept secret…until now (I guess)! For Shine, I have an upcoming blog feature interview coming soon on Such Cool Stuff and I did fun interview with Bruce Oliver for his online radio show Cruise With Bruce which will air soon. Special thanks to everyone who pre-ordered Shine on Amazon and iTunes. I really do appreciate the support!  You can now listen to “Time To Believe” – the lead track from Shine on my YouTube channel. Finally, here’s another cool new photo of me taken by Amber Garvey from LA indie band The Violet Lights in front of a graffiti wall near Melrose Ave.  Until next time…

Jeff in front of Melrose Graffiti Wall


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