Thinking a lot lately about the “band dynamic” as I’ll call it – that certain magic that happens with a band as opposed to working solo.  Writing and rehearsing a whole bunch of new songs over the past few months with my brother Randy over at Bedrock rehearsal studios in Echo Park here in LA, I’m realizing how amazing the band dynamic really is.  These past few months has been one of the most creative periods ever for me and working again in a band environment,  I’m coming up with ideas that I know I never would have come up with alone, going places musically that I’ve never been before.   I’d call our new sound “danceable indie pop” – much more upbeat, rhythmic and contemporary than the songs on Shine.  Seeing Tears For Fears this past Saturday at the beautiful Wiltern Theater really inspired me – what an amazing night!  TFF has always been one of my favorite bands and I would go so far as to say 1985’s Songs From The Big Chair is arguably the pinnacle of 80s pop music.  Plus, lately I have a new appreciation of the depth of their 1989 Seeds Of Love album (“Advice For The Young At Heart” is one of my favorite songs of all time).  Roland and Curt have released solo projects, but they never approached the magic of the music they’ve made together.  A solo Mick Jagger never came close to the Stones, solo Beatles never reached the heights of the Beatles together and on and on and on.  Something happens in the band dynamic that is intangible, yet powerfully magical.  I’m understanding this better now that I’m in it again.  So, we carry on writing and arranging with the goal of recording soon.  Look out 2012!

My album Shine is gaining steam at Internet radio.  My song “Shine” is currently featured on Dan Herman’s Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo Internet radio show and also on Ed’s Mixed Bag podcast (Expect the Unexpected – Episode 258).  My song “The Promise” is featured on the latest Podcast for Peace (#302)!   I’ve been gaining fans on Facebook, Twitter (over 1000 followers!) and Jango.  Finally, congratulations to Adele for 10 million album sales worldwide for 21.  Wow!  Here’s another new photo of me courtesy of Amber Garvey of The Violet Lights.  Until next time…

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